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Collision Repair & Windshield Replacement

Whether you need to repair a fender bender, fix a more serious collision, replace your windshield, or just clean up a lease turn-in vehicle, Auto Crafters Collision is here to help. Our collision repair shop is equipped to handle all your auto body needs.

Collision Repair

No matter the collision, we can get your car looking like new. Our technicians handle windshield replacement, dent repair, frame repair, aluminium repair and so much more. If your vehicle is drivable, we schedule you in so that you don't have to wait while we work on non-drivable vehicles. When you need a collision specialist you can trust to have your vehicle looking like new, turn to the experienced, professional, and friendly staff here to service any make or model of vehicle.

Windshield Replacement

Windshields are resilient, but over time, they will crack or have a chunk taken out of them. Whether it's a rock kicked up on the highway or a freak accident that drops an upstairs neighbor's belongings through your windshield, we handle windshield replacement fast and efficiently. Prevent further damage and increasing danger by contacting us for a free estimate today.

We specialize in Aluminum repairs!

Car Preparation for Painting

Newly Painted Sports Car Repair Process Newly Painted Side Doors

Lease Touch-Ups

When your lease is coming to a close, bring the vehicle to us. We can have your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom at a reasonable, competitive price. Our service ensures you don't have to pay penalties on your vehicle, and you might even get some money back!